Jacco (male) was born in 2004 in Germany at a breeder’s home. Jacco is very intelligent and quick in picking up and reproducing words and sounds.

He has been with various persons before, the last months before he came to us he spent at an aviary in Karlsruhe. Jacco went through many changes during the last months before he joined us at Taormina. This was certainly not easy for him, to be transferred to new places so often.

During the first days he was quite aggressive and defended his territory with force. Grey parrots are residential birds that stay in their local residence, they react with anger and confusion if you take them out of their familiar surroundings. It takes a long time until they have acquainted themselves to a new environment again and until they gain new trust to humans. Jacco dislikes completely if his feeding dish is taken away, even if it is necessary for cleaning purposes…

He loves millet and fruits, fresh salad and vegan yogurt with coconut and nuts.

If you want to bring along something for Jacco, choose dried millet from a specialised shop, or fruits and salad.

Jacco and Lola