Make a Difference Today

Get involved, please contribute: for an adequate home for the animals, environmental protection in the Park and surroundings!



Currently there are four different bird species living in the outdoor aviary in the community park in Taormina: turquoise-fronted amazon, Kongo grey parrots, blue-and-yellow macaws and budgerigars. The animals come from different countries and breeders, and they can tell their own story – how they have found their way to us and the Park. Get enchanted by their stories of life!



The current outdoor aviary is big and spacious, decorated with fresh branches and stems – but it is not high enough and its air lock not wide enough, particularly for big birds like aras. At present we are conceiving an aviary which would be adequate for the needs of the species inhabiting it – we are making plans with the community and with experts who are experienced with exotic birds. Please help us create a meeting place for humans and wild birds, in accordance with nature and environment, an adequate accommodation. Accompany us while we implement these changes and feel free to follow our further development…



The Park in Taormina is a feast for the eyes and invites everyone to stay and linger for a while. Looking at the Etna and the Sea is a grand experience and many people take photos there. Let us begin to preserve the Park and revitalize it. For this we need ‘man-power’:  resources, people that roll up their sleeves and join – to help bringing Taormina’s Park to be in flower again, soon.