Our Team (2016 – 2020)

This page shows our main team which has rendered the project possible. On the photo, from left to right: Anna, Pina, Giovanna and Filippo.

Today is Giovanna the main responsible of the birds (Sammy and Coco).

A short profile of those involved:

Anna with Turquoise-fronted Amazon Lady Coco: Coco triggered this project which Anna brought into life.

Anna is from Germany, she is a Software Consultant and Yogateacher – she loves animals and nature. Anna commits herself to environmental and animal protection, pleading for better laws protecting nature, plants and animals. She is a vegetarian (95% vegan).

Philipp supports Anna and the project with much drive and enthusiasm.
He is from Switzerland and used to work for many years in the social sector as development consultant and visionary leader.

He loves animals and stands up for the protection of environment and animals. Philipp is a vegetarian.

Pina Raneri is in a managerial capacity. Without her, none of this could have been realised. Pina is responsible for the Communal Park of Taormina and she is one of the most crucial persons in this project’s circle.

Zookeeper and Helper

They are always there and keep the birds with lots of love on the go and in cheerful moods.
They both have animals at home of which they take care. They love nature and above all: animals 🙂

Giovanna Manuli, Diana, Pia …

Peppino and the Crew of Gardeners: they have been helpful whenever we needed a helping hand.

… and many, many more who support and sustain our project behind the scenes!