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Sammy hatched out of his egg on 18 June 1998. Together with his both siblings he was reared by his parents. Since they didn’t feed their brood enough he received additional hand rearing. Sammy could stay with his family since there was an older bird lady with whom he could be.

They were together for  3 ½ years, but the female basically refused closer contact. Therefore Sammy got a new female partner in 2002. She was his big love. The two of them have raised two young birds twice. Then there was a break until last summer. They had again eggs in the nest, but unfortunately no biddies have hatched. Sammy’s partner died all of a sudden on the first Christmas Day in 2016. The question was now whether to buy a new female for Sammy or to give him away. His owners decided to bring Sammy to us, with the words: “I think that he might be well off in the aviary in Sicily!”

We are happy to have Sammy here, he obviously feels at home with his new life companions and this aviary. .

Since a couple of weeks Sammy shows growing interest in Coco and Mina, but Mina is only 1,5 years old and not yet sexually mature. But they can already cuddle and snuggle each other quite well.



For several weeks ago (end of October 17) Sammy beginn to come more close to Coco. They are constantly sitting together and cutting each other and dornig pre-breeding. They looks  more and more like a beautiful couple 🙂