Read more about the amazon female Coco…

Coco has been living here in the Park for many years already. She used to be in a small and a bit bleak cage, with little green only. She was on her own since her partner had died before.

In August 2016 she moved into the big aviary, together with Pauli, Mina & Tao. After a few days she started to like her new surroundings and began to flourish, like her new companions who all obviously liked the new circumstances.

Coco likes to be cuddled a bit, sometimes – especially when she feels lonely.

She greets visitors always with her expressive cries and shouting ‘”Ciao”, especially if these visitors have something edible in their hands which could be interesting for her, like a banana. She loves visitors and enjoys their presence.

She is always happy about visitors who bring a banana or fresh fruits.

If you like, bring along with you small pieces of fruits like banana, apples, pears or oranges. By the way: she has no objections at all against fresh basil neither!

A full table of fresh fruits, especially bananas, would be much to her taste! 🙂