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Einige neue Informationen von unseren Vögeln.

our Birds …

Carlo give a try to build his nest, Coco get in contact, Jacco is watching and Carla, she is eating …  


Here in the public communal park of Taormina there is an aviary which shelters many exotic birds. Read More

Amazon bird: Pauli sits on shoulders and sings

Pauli is having a good time and is sitting on Anna who actually wanted to clean the floor. He obviously feels well on her shoulder and sings a famous song, but at his own pace and in his own version…

Grey parrot and banana

Grey parrot Jacco enjoys eating a banana – Giovanna has taken this video recently while feeding the birds.

Maccaw playing and looking…

Here you can watch the Blue-and-yellow maccaws from close – we hope that you will enjoy this video of the two of them as much as we do!

Grey parrot, very sweet!

Here you can see the grey parrots from a short distance and personal. Please enjoy this little film with us!